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                                          EEO PUBLIC FILE REPORT              
A. Employment Unit Covered          
    KNCY-FM, Nebraska City, Nebraska        
    KNCY-AM, Nebraska City, Nebraska        
B. Reporting Period            
    January 23, 2012 to January 28, 2013        
C. Full - Time Vacancies Filled During Reporting Period    
    Job Title:  Program Director Date Filled:  14-May-12  
    Recruitment Source:  Nebraska Broadcasters Association    
    Job Title:  News & Sports Director Date Filled:  4-Jun-12  
    Recruitment Source: Nebraska Broadcasters Association    
    Job Title:      Date Filled:     
    Recruitment Source:          
D. Recruitment/Referral Sources Used to Seek Candidates for Each Vacancy
  Name     Address   City   Zip  
1 Southeast Community College/ Job Placement Lincoln   68520  
2 Nebraska City News Press     Nebraska City 68410  
3 KNCY Radio       Nebraska City 68410  
4 Nebraska Broadcasters Association   Omaha   68144  
5 Nebraska Job Search         Lincoln   68508  
  Total number of interviewees from all sources for this position:  9  
E. Total Number of Persons Interviewed for All Full-Time Vacancies Filled  
  During the Reporting Period: 9        
F. Total Number of Interviewees for All Full-Time Vacancies Filled During the
  Reporting Period Per Recruitment/Referral Sources 9    
                    Number of
  Referral Source     Contact        Address     Phone     Interviewees
          917 Wildwood        
  Nebraska Job Ser     Lincoln, NE  68508 875-5584 2  
  Southeast CC Office   Beatrice, NE   228-8216 0  
      Admissions 600 Hoyt   872-3215    
  Peru State College Office   Peru, Ne  68421   0  
          814 Central Ave.      
  KNCY Radio Business Office Nebraska City, NE 68410 873-3348 1  
   Nebraska Broadcasters Association       11414 West Center Rd. Omaha NE 68144     933-5995



G. Outreach Activities Performed During the Reporting Period    
           Initiative                  Scope of Participation  Station Staff
               and Location        Involved
  Peru State College   Provided information in the broadcast industry and General Manager
  Job Expo     KNCY during a 1 day expo on the Peru State    
        College campus        
  In house Shadow project Provided interested students from Nebraska City Entire Staff at KNCY
        High School with the opportunity to learn about the    
        broadcast industry with in house experience at    
        KNCY studios        
  Nebraska Broadcasters NBA Awards scholarship to college broadcast General Manager
  Association's   students in Nebraska        
  Scholarship Program