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The 140-person Nebraska City Swim Team hosted Auburn in a dual meet at Steinhart Pool on Wednesday, June 6th. It was the first meet of the year for the Nebraska City squad, who won the meet with a total of 554 points. Auburn ended with 388 total points. Below are the results.

Girls 8&Under
Backstroke: Elizabeth Schnitzer, 4th place; Aspen Meyer, 5th place; Alexa Turner, 6th place.
Breast Stroke: Pacie Lee, 3rd place; Alexa Turner, 4th place; Kylin Embrey, 5th place.
Butterfly: Kylin Embrey, 1st place; Gracie Ragland, 2nd place; Olivia Weninger, 3rd place.
Freestyle: Saray Huerta, 2nd place; Kylin Embrey, 6th place.

Girls 9-10
Medley Relay: Lauren Gowing, Addison DeFreece, Lindsay Tierra, Alyson Barr, 1st place; Tara Maddox, Gina McGowen, Sydney Blum, Izzie Fedoris, 3rd place; Ellie Higgins, Natalie Turner, Chloe Schaulis, Aussia Stander, 5th place; Lisa Greenlee, Karlie Olson, Emma Spidell, Clarissa Williams, 6th place.
Backstroke: Lauren Gowing, 2nd place; Tara Maddox, 3rd place; Lindsay Tierra, 4th place, Addison DeFreece, tie 5th place.
Breast Stroke: Addison DeFreece, 1st place; Gina McGowen, 6th place.
Butterfly: Gina McGowen, 1st place; Ellie Higgins, 2nd place; Lauren Gowing, 5th place; Sydney Blum, 6th place.
Freestyle: Alyson Barr, 2nd place; Tara Maddox, 4th place; Addison DeFreece, 6th place.
Freestyle Relay: Tara Maddox, Lindsay Tierra, Addison DeFreece, Alyson Barr, 1st place; Izzie Fedoris, Ellie Higgins, Lauren Gowing, Sydney Blum, 4th place; Gina McGowen, Brooke Katen, Lisa Greenlee, Natalie Turner, 5th place; Aussia Stander, Chloe Schaulis, Ivye Meyer, Aubrey Bando, 6th place.

Girls 11-12
Medley Relay: Shailee Martin, Makensi Blum, Lauryn Hawkins, Anna Gigstad, 2nd place; Jacey Kreifels, Hailey Tierra, Chloe Higgins, Kyleigh Briley, 3rd place; Macey Allgood, Olivia Welch, Andrea Gomez, Elizabeth Balquier, 5th place; Reagan Stanley, Karinne Olson, Michaela Weston, Chloe DuBois, 6th place.
Backstroke: Shailee Martin, 3rd place; Jacey Kreifels, 4th place.
Breast Stroke: Hailey Tierra, 1st place; Makensi Blum, 3rd place; Jacey Kreifels, 6th place.
Butterfly: Makensi Blum, 3rd place; Hailey Tierra, 4th place; Anna Gigstad, 5th place.
Freestyle: Shailee Martin, 3rd place; Lauryn Hawkins, 4th place; Anna Gigstad, 6th place.
Freestyle Relay: Anna Gigstad, Hailey Tierra, Lauryn Hawkins, Shailee Martin, 2nd place; Kyleigh Briley, Reagan Stanley, Jacey Kreifels, Makensi Blum, 4th place; Karinne Olson, Melissa Weston, Elizabeth Balquier, Chloe Higgins, 5th place; Olivia Welch, Chloe DuBois, Michaela Weston, Andrea Gomez, 6th place.

Girls 13-14
Medley Relay: Laura Box, Mackenzie Stueck, Erica Hollesen, Whitney Parker, 1st place; Brenna Turner, Aliya Dreilling, Anna Loseke, Sami Bishop, 3rd place.
Backstroke: Mackenzie Stueck, 2nd place; Erica Hollesen, 3rd place; Anna Loseke, 4th place; Brenna Turner, 5th place.
Breast Stroke: Aliya Dreiling, 1st place; Laura Box, 2nd place; Whitney Parker, 5th place.
Butterfly: Aliya Dreiling, 1st place; Mackenzie Stueck, 3rd place; Laura Box, 4th place; Whitney Parker, 5th place; Maggie Funke, 6th place.
Freestyle: Aliya Dreiling, 2nd place; Whitney Parker, 3rd place; Laura Box, 4th place; Erica Hollesen, 6th place.
Freestyle Relay: Laura Box, Erica Hollesen, Aliya Dreiling, Whitney Parker, 1st place; Brenna Turner, Sami Bishop, Anna Loseke, Mackenzie Stueck, 3rd place.

Girls 15-18
Medley Relay: Jillian Frana, Amanda Chapin, Payton Lee, Tori Welch, 2nd place.
Backstroke: Payton Lee, 2nd place; Tori Welch, 3rd place; Aimee Ingalls, 4th place; Jillian Frana, 5th place.
Breast Stroke: Amanda Chapin, 1st place, Payton Lee, 3rd place; Aimee Ingalls, 4th place
Butterfly: Amanda Chapin, 2nd place.
Freestyle: Amanda Chapin, 2nd place; Payton Lee, 3rd place; Tori Welch, 5th place; Jillian Frana, 6th place.
Freestyle Relay: Payton Lee, Aimee Ingalls, Jillian Frana, Amanda Chapin, 2nd place.

Boys 8&Under
Medley Relay: Will Funke, Chris Blum, Vance Weninger, Joseph Kearney, 1st place.
Backstroke: Chris Blum, 1st place.
Breast Stroke: Joseph Kearney, 1st place; Will Funke, 3rd place; Chris Blum, 4th place.
Butterfly: Joseph Kearney, 2nd place; Will Funke, 3rd place; Vance Weninger, 4th place.
Freestyle: Joseph Kearney, 1st place; Will Funke, 3rd place; Vance Weninger, 4th place; Chris Blum, 5th place.
Freestyle Relay: Will Funke, Vance Weninger, Chris Blum, Joseph Kearney, 1st place.

Boys 9-10
Medley Relay: Sam Draus, Eric Poggemeyer, Luke Partsch, Jacob Bergonia, 2nd place.
Backstroke: James Kearney, 1st place; Lance Welch, 2nd place; Jacob Bergonia, 3rd place; Christian Tietz, 4th place; Lucas Welch, 5th place; Chance Sjulin, 6th place.
Breast Stroke: Fernando Dominquez, 3rd place; Sam Draus, 4th place; Luke Partsch, 5th place.
Butterfly: James Kearney, 2nd place; Jacob Bergonia, 3rd place; Luke Partsch, 5th place; Fernando Dominquez, 6th place.
Freestyle: James Kearney, 1st place; Jacob Bergonia, 3rd place; Lance Welch, 6th place.
Freestyle Relay: Fernando Dominquez, Xavier Gomez, Chance Sjulin, James Kearney, 2nd place; Luke Partsch, Matthew Roettger, Sam Draus, Jacob Bergonia, 3rd place; Christian Tietz, Eric Poggemeyer, Lucas Welch, Lance Welch, 4th place.

Boys 11-12
Backstroke: Collin Tierra, 1st place; Jack Funke, 2nd place.
Breast Stroke: Devlin Hall, 1st place; Collin Tierra, 3rd place; Jack Funke, 4th place.
Butterfly: Zach Benton, 1st place; Devlin Hall, 2nd place.
Freestyle: Zach Benton, 1st place; Devlin Hall, 3rd place; Jack Funke, 4th place; Collin Tierra, 6th place.

Boys 13-14
Breast Stroke: Brenden Rice, 1st place.
Butterfly: Brenden Rice, 2nd place.
Freestyle: Brenden Rice, 2nd place.

Boys 15-18
Medley Relay: Michael Collman, Andrew Parker, Kylan McGinnis, Jacob Vasa, 1st place; Grant Welsh, Bailey Giles, Jameson DeFreece, Clayton Patton, 2nd place.
Backstroke: Kylan McGinnis, 1st place; Grant Welsh, 3rd place.
Breast Stroke: Jameson DeFreece, 1st place; Andrew Parker, 2nd place; Clayton Patton, 3rd place; Bailey Giles, 4th place.
Butterfly: Jameson DeFreece, 1st place; Jacob Vasa, 2nd place; Kylan McGinnis, 3rd place; Andrew Parker, 4th place; Grant Welsh, 5th place.
Freestyle: Jacob Vasa, 1st place; Kylan McGinnis, 2nd place; Andrew Parker, 3rd place; Jameson DeFreece, 4th place; Clayton Patton, 5th place.
Freestyle Relay: Kylan McGinnis, Michael Collman, Andrew Parker, Jacob Vasa, 1st place; Clayton Patton, Grant Welsh, Bailey Giles, Jameson DeFreece, 2nd place.